A user-friendly website representing quality education and fostering community

Website Design & Development

Te Whare Rama is a group of four faith-based preschools run by Building Blocks Community Trust in Christchurch. Te Whare Rama needed a new website to support their mission of removing barriers to quality early childhood education for families in need.

Our goal was to create a modern, user-friendly website for Te Whare Rama that represents the quality of education, and showcases the Christian and community values integral to the preschools. Ensuring the new website is easily maintainable for staff, user-friendly for families, and inspiring for new enrolments was central to this project.

Making simplicity and user-friendliness a priority, we found inspiration in soft, child-like shapes and curvaceous koru patterns. With a bright, playful colour palette and connection-focused photography, we constructed a fun, child-friendly website design that pulls on the heart strings of local families.

With a seamless flow to enquiring or enrolling, families are able to get an accurate feel for the centres, get to know staff, receive practical information, and feel confident about their child’s prospective education and care.

Our work with Te Whare Rama has resulted in trust, clarity and cohesion around the brand and it’s centres, with a website that enhances brand recognition and promotes new enrolments.

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