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monthly graphic design retainers

Our monthly retainer packages are perfect for businesses who need the benefits of an in-house graphic designer, on an on-call basis. Whether you need regular social media graphics, website updates or marketing materials, our Retainer Service is perfect for you!

With one regular monthly fee, you will be be given a guaranteed, priority spot in our schedule for your chosen number of hours - every month!

This is the perfect way to combine efficiency with reliability, closing the gap on your big business goals. 

This includes:
  • Priority scheduling for a guaranteed number of hours.
  • A discounted hourly rate.
  • Avoid rehiring designers for each new project.
  • A reliable, regular monthly fee for all your graphic design needs.

"The quality of my branding has allowed me to set prices at a level that accurately reflects our investment in sustainable practices"

“I’m reaching my ideal client, so much so that I actually raised my prices again.”

"I've recieved more enquiries & more bookings since working with forme"

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