Converting website visitors into inspired, happy new home owners

Website Design & Development

Local South Island builders

We were approached to redesign Build7 South Island’s website to realign the company’s online image with the established Build7 brand and ethos.

The core of Build7 is their custom design service, created to fit the exact specifications of soon-to-be new home owners. We wanted to leverage this unique point of difference in Build7’s online space, using video and imagery that inspires and clear communication that supports, to convert website visitors into inspired, happy home owners.

We found inspiration in Build7’s previous architectural builds, creating a bold, user-friendly website that pulls on the heart strings. We focused on videography and interior design details to achieve this emotional response, and developed a site that the company can take ownership of and manage moving forward.

The result is an inspiring, informative website that represents the brand and successfully resonates with the company’s target market. The site makes it easy for visitors to navigate, be informed and take the next step in the home build process.

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